Day 14: Home

I have had many homes.  As a child of divorced parents, I had different homes while growing up.  As a Navy wife, I’ve had to move numerous times.  It always amazes me how quickly I acclimate to a new house.  Home is home until it’s not anymore.  Until the Navy decides we should be elsewhere.  Then we pack up our stuff and head off to a new place.  Each time, it seems a little strange to leave the old house behind.  But it’s even stranger that, after a few weeks, the new home seems like home and the old one a distant memory.  Maybe I’m just adaptable.  I’m not really sure.  But when you do move a lot, it’s such a nice feeling that one day you wake up and your house actually feels like home.  No longer does it feel like a “new” house, or someone else’s house, it feels like mine.  I turn toward the silverware drawer without having to think about it.  I can walk through the house in complete darkness and know exactly where everything is.  You’d think that would take longer than a few weeks.  But it doesn’t.  We Navy wives, we’re pretty tough creatures, I guess.